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Big Tree
Five 3 oz. Pours (for Two to Share) $18.75

Pick Five Wines

Little Tree
Three 3 oz. Pours $11.25
Pick Three Wines

Wine By the Glass / Bottle to Go


Dry Riesling $8 / $22
Aromas of Apples and Peaches with a Touch of Minerality on the Palate
rs: 0% | ph: 3.06

Sur Lie Chardonnay $8 / $23
Dry, Crisp and Clean with Tropical Notes and a Lemon Zest Finish
rs: 0.5% | ph: 3.57

Frontenac Blanc $8 / $23
Semi-sweet, Pineapple and Mango on the Palate
rs: 3% | ph: 2.99

Sweet Riesling $7 / $19
Sweet, Fruit Forward, Apple on the Finish
rs: 5% | ph: 3.17


Marquette Rosé $8 / $25
Dry, Spiced Cherry and Strawberry on the Palate
rs: 0.5% | ph: 3.32

First Crush $8 / $25
Sweet, Candied Strawberry Aromas Blend with Zippy Acidity
rs: 5% | ph: 2.99


Romance $8 / $28
Dry, Notes of Plum, Currant, Oak and Vanilla
rs: 0% | ph: 3.59 | cases produced: 73

Marquette $8 / $28
Dry, Black Cherry Notes with Hints of Spice, Coffee and Chocolate
rs: 0% | ph: 3.34

Petoskey Red $7 / $19
Dry, Lightly Oaked, Hints of Cherry with a Smooth Finish
rs: 0% | ph: 3.49

Joy $7 / $17
Raspberry and Black Plums Give Way to a Smooth, Sweet Finish
rs: 2.75% | ph: 3.47

Love Sangria $7 / $19 / 12oz. can $8
Red Wine Sangria with Notes of Pineapple and Mango
rs: 3.5% | ph: 3.47


Shimmer White $8 / $25
Semi-Dry, Crisp, Citrus Forward Sparkler
rs: 1.5% | ph: 2.99
Frontenac Blanc Pétillant Naturel $8 / $20
Dry, Carbonated, 100% Frontenac Blanc with Crisp Acidity on the Palate. Wild Yeast Fermented. No Sulfur Added. Made in the Ancestral Method, this "Pet Nat" was crafted using a no intervention mentality, nothing added and nothing taken away. Bottled unfiltered before fermentation to create carbonation.

Shimmer Rosé $8 / $25
Sweet, Refreshing Sparkler with Notes of Red Berries
rs: 6% | ph: 2.99
Shimmer Red
$8 / $25
Sweet, Refreshing Sparkler with Notes of Dark Fruit
rs: 3.75% | ph: 3.37

Marquette Piquette $7 / $18
Dry, Refreshing, Red Wine Seltzer
rs: 0% | ph: 3.14


Frontenac Dessert $7 / $17
Sweet, Hints of Raspberry, Cherry and Cocoa Powder. 375ml Bottle
rs: 9% | ph: 3.12
Frosé $9
Estate Frontenac with Iced Strawberry Makes This a Refreshing Patio Pleaser
(Only Available in 12oz Glass)


Emmet’s Hard Apple $7 / $16

Semi-sweet, Hard Apple Cider, Made with a Blend of the Finest in the Orchard
Emmet's Lavender Ginger Hard Cider $7 / $18
Semi-sweet, Hard Apple Cider with Lavender and Ginger on the Palate, Made with a Blend of the Finest in the Orchard

Emmet's Honey Apple Hard Cider $7 / $18

Sweet, Hard Apple Cider, Honey lingers on the Palate, Made with a Blend of the Finest in the Orchard

Also Available for Take Out in 16 oz. ($8) and 32 oz. ($15)


Non-Alcoholic Strawberry Refresher $6
Quench Your Summer Thirst with this Refreshing, Non-Alcoholic, Iced Strawberry Freeze

Bottle of Northwoods Soda $3
Root Beer, Orange Cream Soda or Black Cherry Cream Soda

Can of Soda Pop $2
7-Up, Diet Coke, or Diet Pepsi
Bottled Water $2


Gazpacho $9
Chilled, garden fresh, tomato-based soup of diced vegetables, locally made in Petoskey

Smoked Whitefish Spread $10
Served with Pita Chips
Small Chip & Dip Basket $6
Choose from: Asiago, Spinach Crab, or Jalapeno Feta
Served with Pita Chips
Local Meat & Cheese Board $10
Featuring an assortment of Plath's meats and cheeses of Petoskey
Served with Crackers


Chocolates $5
Sleeve of Six Solid Chocolates in an Assortment of Milk and Dark Chocolate

Other Items Available

Lavender Bundles

Take home a bundle of our Estate-grown culinary lavender. See bundles hanging on the patio! Ask your server to order.

Logo Glassware
$4 for 6.5 oz stem or 9 oz stemless
$6 for 12.5 oz stem or 15 oz stemless

Logo LOVE T-shirt
Available in Red or Charcoal

Logo Lightweight LOVE Hooded Sweatshirt
Available in Charcoal, this hoodie is the perfect year-round lightweight sweatshirt with two drawstrings and a front pocket

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