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*Please note that the tasting descriptions are perceived aromas & flavors, none of them are in the wines, & you might smell & taste differently.*

*Groups of 5 or more are on one bill, or it can be split up to 3 ways evenly. Extra purchases can be made by individuals.



Five 2.5 oz pours (for two to share) $21.25*

Pick five wines

*Add $0.50 for Reserve Wines


Three 2.5 oz pours $12.75*

Pick three wines

*Add $0.50 for Reserve Wines

Wine by the Glass / Bottle to Go


Dry Riesling $9 / $23

We Taste: Yellow Apple, Peaches, Lemon Grass, Pear

 - Dry

Pinot Gris $9 / $23

We Taste: Meyer Lemon, Wet Stone, Juicy Pear, Citrus

- Dry

Sur Lie Chardonnay $9 / $24

We Taste: White Peach, Yellow Apple, Asian Pear

- Dry

Estate La Crescent $9 / $24 

We Taste: Mandarin Orange, Lemon-Lime, Cantaloupe

 - Semi-Dry

Estate Frontenac Gris $9 / $24

We Taste: Crème Brûlée, Sweet Campfire, Caramelized Pear

 - Semi-Dry

Petoskey White $9 / $23

We Taste: Ripe Pear, Spring Flowers, White Peach, Golden Delicious Apples

 - Semi-Dry

Estate Frontenac Blanc $9 / $24

We Taste: Clementine, Pineapple, Spiced Apple

 - Semi-Sweet

Sweet Riesling $9 / $20

We Taste: Gala Apple, Soft Lemon

 - Sweet

Whitecap $9 / $20

We Taste: Soft Peach, Cooked Apple, Pastry

 - Sweet


Estate Marquette Rosé $9 / $25

We Taste: Lightly Spiced Cherry, Pomegranate, Subtle Lime Zest

 - Dry

Estate First Crush $9 / $25

We Taste: Strawberry Jam, Bilberry, Hawthorne

 - Sweet


Reserve Marquette $10 / $32 

We Taste: Red Currant, Woodsy, Cinnamon, Soft Leather, Red Cherry, Vanilla

 - Dry

Romance $9 / $28

We Taste: Plum, Red Currant, Oak, Vanilla

 - Dry

Marquette $9 / $28

We Taste: Black Cherry, Blackberry, Lychee, Peppery Spice

 - Dry

Petoskey Red $9 / $22

We Taste: Cherry, Black Currant, Smoke, Pipe Tobacco

 - Dry

Estate Frontenac $9 / $25

We Taste: Raspberry, Cocoa, Chili Powder

 - Dry

Estate Unoaked Marquette $9 / $25

We Taste: Tart Cherry, Cinnamon, Clove, Almond, Baking Spices, Chalkiness

 - Semi-Dry

Joy $9 / $18

We Taste: Raspberry, Black Plums

 - Semi-Sweet

Love Sangria $9 / $18

Blend of: White Peach, Black Cherry, & Pineapple flavors

 - Sweet

Adore $9 / $20

We Taste: Raspberry, Pastry, Blackberry

 - Sweet


Estate Frontenac Blanc Pétillant Naturel $9 / $20

Carbonated, 100% Frontenac Blanc with Crisp Acidity on the Palate. Wild Yeast Fermented. No Sulfur Added. Made in the Ancestral Method, this "Pet Nat" was crafted using a no intervention mentality, nothing added and nothing taken away. Bottled unfiltered before fermentation to create carbonation. Some find it comparable to Kombucha or Sour Beer.

 - Dry

Estate Marquette Piquette $8 / $18

Red Wine Seltzer.

 - Dry

Shimmer White $9 / $25

We Taste: Crisp Citrus

 - Semi-Dry

Shimmer Rosé $9 / $25

We Taste: Fresh Strawberry, Raspberry

 - Sweet

Shimmer Red $9 / $25

We Taste: Plum, Blueberry, Baking Spices

 - Sweet


Emmet's Lavender Ginger Hard Cider $9 / $19

Hard Apple Cider. Lavender & Ginger.

 - Semi-Dry

Emmet's Hard Apple Cider $8.50 / $17

Hard Apple Cider.

 - Semi-Sweet

Emmet's Honey Apple Cider $9 / $19

Hard Apple Cider. Honey.

 - Sweet

Also Available for Take Out in 16 oz. ($8) & 32 oz. ($15)


White Sangria* $9

Blend of: Passion Fruit, Orange, & Guava flavors

*Not available in flights nor to-go in any way. Glass only.


The OG $10

Marquette Piquette mixed with a Strawberry Slushie (the not too sweet choice)

Frosé $10

Shimmer Rosé mixed with a Strawberry Slushie (hello bubbles)

Pontoon Sunday $10

Frontenac Blanc mixed with a Strawberry Slushie (tropical sweetness)

Served in a 13oz glass


Can of Soda Pop $2.50

Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite

Strawberry Refresher $7

Strawberry Slushie


Local Meat & Cheese Board $10

Served with Assorted Crackers

Chip & Dip Basket $6.90

Your choice of dip - Asiago or Jalapeño Feta - served with Pita Chips

Smoked Whitefish Dip $7.90

Served with Pita Chips

Petoskey Popcorn Co.

Bag of Kettle Corn $7

Bag of Traverse City Style (Cherry-Chocolate) Popcorn $10

Click here to see the ingredients of each dip and popcorn


Chocolates $5

Sleeve of Six Chocolates in an Assortment of Milk & Dark Chocolate


A 3% service charge is added to all orders due to increased cost of goods sold.


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