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*Groups of 5 or more are on one bill, or it can be split up to 3 ways evenly. Extra purchases can be made by individuals.

A 3% convenience fee will be added for electronic transactions. Cash is welcome with no fees!

Only gift cards from Petoskey Farms are accepted.

** = premium wine which is an extra $0.50 for a flight pour



Five 2.5 oz pours (for two to share) $25

Pick five wines


Three 2.5 oz pours $15

Pick three wines

Wine by the Glass / Bottle to-go*

*bottles are only available to-go and cannot be opened on premises


Dry Riesling $10 / $24

(drai ree-sling)

yes, it really is dry

 - Dry, 100% Riesling

Pinot Gris $10 / $24

(pee-no gree)

a refreshing and light white for any day

- Dry, 100% Pinot Gris

Sur Lie Chardonnay $10 / $24

(sewr lee sharr-duh-nay)

life-changing because it's unoaked with beautiful flavor

"Sur Lie" meaning aged on the lees

 - Dry, 100% Chardonnay

Estate Itasca $10 / $25

(uh-stayt eye-tah-ska)

fruity, full-bodied, fun

 - Dry, 100% Itasca

*Driftwood $10 / $26



delightful aromas with an evolving palate

 - Dry, 100% La Crescent

Estate La Crescent $10 / $25 

(uh-stayt la kress-ent)

perfect for fans of Sauv. Blanc

 - Semi-Dry, 100% La Crescent

Estate Frontenac Gris $10 / $25 

(uh-stayt fron-ten-ac gree)

a white unlike any you've tasted before

 - Semi-Dry, 100% Frontenac Gris 

Petoskey White $10 / $23

(puh-taa-skee why-t)

a blend for any and every occasion

 - Semi-Dry, white blend

Estate Frontenac Blanc $10 / $25

(uh-stayt fron-ten-ac blaangk)

tropical goodness

 - Semi-Sweet, 100% Frontenac Blanc

Whitecap $10 / $20

(why-t kap)

the blend for when you're feeling sweet

 - Sweet, white blend


Estate Marquette Rosé $10 / $25

(uh-stayt maar-ket row-zay)

a dry rosé that dances on your tongue

 - Dry, 100% Marquette


Estate First Crush $10 / $25

(uh-stayt furst kruhsh)

sweet like summertime 

 - Sweet, 100% Frontenac Gris


**Romance $11 / $30


a barrel red full of dark berry notes

- Dry, 100% Cab. Franc

**Estate Marquette $11 / $33

(uh-stayt maar-ket)

a bold, dark red with the best combination of fruit and oak

 - Dry, 100% Marquette

Petoskey Red $10 / $24

(puh-taa-skee red)

a blend that can stand alone or compliment a meal

 - Dry, red blend


Michigan Marquette $10 / $28

(mi-shuh-gn maar-ket)

a dry red that pops

 - Dry, 100% Marquette

Estate Petite Pearl $10 / $28

(uh-stayt puh-teet purl)

smooth and luscious, balancing oak and dark cherry

 - Dry, 100% Petite Pearl

Blaufränkisch $10 / $28


exciting and complex, yet inviting like a cozy cabin

 - Dry, 100% Blaufränkisch

Estate Unoaked Marquette $10 / $25

(uh-stayt un-owkt maar-ket)

rich, smooth and fruity with no oak

 - Dry, 100% Marquette

Estate Frontenac $10 / $25

(uh-stayt fron-ten-ac)

juicy and bursting with flavor 

 - Semi-Dry, 100% Frontenac

Joy $10 / $20

smooth, sweet and ideal for the porch

 - Semi-Sweet, Meréchal Foch

Love Sangria $10 / $20

(luhv san-gree-uh)

fruity and refreshing, this is our summertime go-to

 - Sweet, 100% Frontenac with added natural fruit flavor

Adore $10 / $20


this sweet red is like a warm hug

 - Sweet, Frontenac


Estate Marquette Piquette $10 / $18

(uh-stayt maar-ket pi-ket)

pretty much a red wine seltzer

 - Dry, 100% Marquette

Shimmer White $10 / $25

(shi-mr why-t)

light refreshing bubbles

 - Dry, white blend

Shimmer Rosé $10 / $25

(shi-mr row-zay)

the life of the party

 - Semi-Sweet, 100% Frontenac Gris

Shimmer Red $10 / $24

(shi-mr red)

a sweet sparkling red

 - Sweet, red blend


Emmet's Lavender Ginger Hard Apple Cider $7.50 / $19

very bubbly plus lavender and ginger

 - Dry

Estate Hard Apple Cider $7.50

estate grown apple blend aged in French Oak

 - Semi-Dry


Frosé $12

tropical slushie mixed with Marquette Piquette

 - Served in a 12oz glass


Tropical Slushie $7

Non-alcoholic slushie

Bottle of Northwoods Soda $3.50

Root Beer, Diet Root Beer or Orange Cream

Root Beer Float $7

A scoop of creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream topped with A&W Root Beer

Ask to Substitute with Orange Cream Soda

Hot Chocolate $3.50 | $4

Available in 12- or 16-oz, and to-go!

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A 3% convenience fee will be added for electronic transactions. Cash is welcome with no fees!

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