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Meet the Team

Andy Roush

Andrew Roush grew up on an old dairy farm in Howell, Michigan. He completed his undergrad studies at Alma College and then went on to attend the American Graduate School of International Management inGlendale, Arizona. After graduating with his Master’s Degree, Andy missed the seasons of Northern Michigan. He made the trip back to Michigan and worked as a project manager in Corporate America and then spent many years in finance. Northern Michigan was always a favorite place for Andy and he thought it would be a dream come true if one day he could live and work there.
Andy is thankful to have seen his dream come true and truly enjoys growing and harvesting the fruits of his labor at Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery. His favorite wine is Romance

Tracie Roush

Tracie Roush grew up in the small town of Amherst, Ohio. She too worked in Corporate America after graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Business Management. Her father was a builder all her life, so she enjoyed working with tools when she wasn’t behind the computer or out on sales calls.

Tracie’s favorite was Late Harvest Riesling when Petoskey Farms first opened it’s doors, but after three years her palate has changed. Her favorite now? Tied between Petoskey White and Frontenac.

Andy and Tracie Roush met the summer of ’99 while boating in Ohio. Just 2 months after meeting, Andy invited Tracie up North to share his special place. After 72 hours of Northern Michigan, Tracie too shared a love of this extraordinary spot.

Since that summer of ’99, Andy and Tracie married, have 2 girls and have vacationed at Andy’s parent’s home in Indian River as they retired up North over 20 years ago. In 2009, Andy said to Tracie one day “I can’t do what I am doing for the rest of my life”. After praying and much consideration over what they could do to sustain a living for their young family, they decided to sell everything downstate and move north to pursue building, owning and running their dream business.

For anniversary trips, Andy and Tracie both enjoyed wine country. They loved what it meant: relaxing, enjoying God’s countryside, the gift of each other and the wine that blessed each of them throughout the year until the next anniversary trip. The anniversary trip in the fall of 2010 made them realize they could do this, and give the same experience to other people in the land Andy had dreamed of calling home. On June 30, 2012, after everything was sold, they moved their family of four to Indian River while they looked for the perfect property to build their dream. On July 20, 2012, Tracie’s birthday, they closed on 22 acres of beautiful hills and rolling countryside. They started planting 1600 grapevines and planning their business. With Tracie’s father passed, but his memory still very much alive, she decided her put her love and experience of building and remodeling to the test and take on the hat of General Contractor on the construction of their 5000+ sq. ft. facility that holds their home, winery and tasting room. With the completion of a beautiful building in May of 2014, situated on the perfect scenic hill in the Joy Valley, they opened their doors for business on June 21, 2014. Since then, they have planted another vineyard, added on to the outdoor patio, and have added more wines and hard ciders to their menu. Their wines are well received and their place is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy.

Josh Morgan
Head Wine Maker

Josh Morgan grew up in Northern Michigan, in the rural town of Mio. After graduating high school, he attended Central Michigan University and graduated in 2006 with his B.A. in Commercial Parks and Recreation Management. Upon graduation, he moved to Traverse City where he got his start in the wine industry working in the tasting room at Black Star Farms Winery. Shortly after starting in the tasting room an opportunity opened in the cellar to help with bottling, and from there he transitioned into a cellar hand roll. Josh spent nine years working his way up through different roles in the cellar until he achieved the role of Cellar Master. The opportunity at Black Star Farms allowed him to learn from some of the best winemakers in Northern Michigan, from the delicacies of Riesling, the romance of Pinot Noir and everything in between. Josh joined the Petoskey Farms Team in 2017. Outside of work Josh also works as a Paid-on-Call Firefighter for the Petoskey Department of Public Safety. When he’s not working, he is spending time with his family and his Mountain Cur – Max. They enjoy hiking and spending time outdoors and finding the next best ice cream parlor!